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1925 Songs Entering the Public Domain on January 1, 2021 List of 47


IMPORTANT: This list is based on USA Copyright Law and is intended only as a help in researching public domain music. This list is NOT sufficient documentation that music is in the Public Domain. To prove PD status in the USA, you MUST find a published copy of the song with a copyright date of 1924 or earlier. Our PD Sheet Music Reprints are exact reprints of books and sheet music published in 1924 or earlier and include music, lyrics, and complete original copyright information. Some of these songs may not be PD in countries other than the USA.

This Is A Preliminary List
Titles Will Be Added and Deleted as 1925 PD Research Continues

Alabamy Bound
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?
By The Light Of The Stars
Cheatin' On Me
Close Your Eyes
Deep In My Heart, Dear
Don't Bring Lulu
Everything Is Hotsy‐Totsy Now
I Miss My Swiss
If You Knew Susie
I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston
In Shadowland
Jimtown Blues
Just A Little Drink
Let It Rain! Let It Pour! (I'll Be In Virginia In The Morning)
Midnight Waltz
Milengerg Joys
Montmartre Rose
Moonlight and Roses
My Sweetie Turned Me Down
Nobody Knows What A Red‐Headed Mama Can Do
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
Pal Of My Cradle Days
Riverboat Shuffle
Save Your Sorrow For Tomorrow
Sentimental Me (And Romantic You)
Show Me The Way
So Am I
Swanee Butterfly
Sweet Georgia Brown
Tell Her In The Springtime
The Pal That I Loved Stole the Gal That I Loved
Ukelele Lady
West Of The Great Divide
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
Who Tales Care of the Caretaker's Daughter
Why Do I Love You So
Yearning (Just For You)
Yes Sir! That's My Baby
You're Just A Flower From An Old Bouquet

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